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SparkFi Launchpad

Dear Esteemed Community Members,

It is our delight to bring you the first project update for SparkFi. The intent of this update is to inform, educate, update, and help community members as well as enthusiasts to keep abreast of the development at SparkFi.

SparkFi is an innovative project built on the Base network, the first of its kind. SparkFi aims to provide innovative solutions to token launches for arrays of new projects, support new projects from different spheres of blockchain technology, and help to foster the provision of liquidity for these new projects on the Base network. We aim to provide a decentralized launchpad platform for new and innovative blockchain projects requiring this service for a seamless launch and liquidity provision.

Here is an overview of recent development within our ecosystem, along with ongoing initiatives:

*On the 9th of August, we announced an airdrop campaign of 200,000,000 $SPAK tokens for our community. The airdrop campaign was exclusively available to the top 10,000 leaders on our Zealy Quest. You can learn about this airdrop campaign here.


So far, we have achieved a great feat with regards to partnership with other projects in the crypto and web3 space. This was inspired by our unique proposition as a project and our position as the first launchpad on the Base network. Below are the numerous partners we are currently working with:

SparkFi partnership with Dojima Network

SparkFi partnership with Optimism Daily

SparkFi partnership with CloudBase

SparkFi partnership with Horiza

SparkFi partnership with Based Nouns

SparkFi partnership with BlueOnBase

SparkFi partnership with Paradise

SparkFi partnership with Base Insider

SparkFi partnership with Innovaz

SparkFi partnership with TechRight

SparkFi partnership with Owlto

SparkFi partnership with REI Network

SparkFi partnership with Base Name Service

SparkFi partnership with Base Ecosystem

SparkFi partnership with Multilend

SparkFi partnership with Nebula Dex

SparkFi partnership with Gridex

SparkFi partnership with Stack Finance

SparkFi partnership with ImmuneBytes

SparkFi partnership with Vital Block

SparkFi partnership with Illuminating Stars


At SparkFi, we appreciate our community and also extend our kind gestures to their faith in our ecosystem. In that line, we put out a series of giveaways to reward some community members for their unwavering support and feedback towards the growth of the project. Below are some of the giveaway campaigns we did in the past month:

*On the 22nd of August, we entered into a partnership giveaway with one of our partners, Base Daily, to give out 10 SparkFi OG roles to 10 Lucky winners. The winners stand the chance of accessing our private token sale and other perks in the future.

*On the 18th August, we announced an official partnership giveaway with our partner, Base Station. The giveaway offers 10 lucky winners 10 OG roles.


We published an article on the 25th of August 2023 detailing the SparkFi protect, which shares our insight and workings on how we intend to protect funds domiciled in our ecosystem and shield our community from potential scams. This is worth your attention given the prevailing hacks and scams in the crypto space. You can find the document here, and understand how we are putting checks on any security breach on our system.


*In a bid to launch our private and public sales, we announced an incentivized public test token campaign giveaway of 1,000,000 $SPAK tokens. This campaign helped us to put our system in order and check for any hitches or issues that will mar the private and public token sale. At the end of this incentivized campaign which commenced on the 29th of August 2023 to the 1st of September 2023, we had a follow-up announcement indicating that there was no hitches or issue encountered during the test token period, thereby giving the greenlight to commence the private token sale.

*Another major announcement made in the past few months is the development of our V2 launchpad which will be launched after the conclusion of our private sale of the SparkFi tokens. We are open to continuous testing of the beta version and welcome community members and enthusiasts to give feedback and updates regarding the V2.

*The SparkFi private sale Whitelist is another major announcement that was made. The idea behind this is to enable interested crypto natives who share the SparkFi passion to get in early and be the first to be part of our token private sale. You know the importance of entering a project in the crypto space early and right? This is why the SparkFi team is making this opportunity open to our community. Interested in our private token whitelist? Kindly use this link to get whitelisted for our upcoming private sales.

*We made an announcement regarding the official tokenomics for the SparkFi ecosystem. This announcement detailed the composition of the SparkFi token allocation among the team and advisors, treasury, marketing and community airdrop, stake mining, initial liquidity, and for our presale. As a project with fairness in the heart of our operations, this tokenomics shows the fair distribution of our allocations among the different units and the release schedule. You can take a look at our tokenomics by using this link.


As we move into the last quarter of the year, here are some announcements our community members should be looking forward to:

*The launch of governance token private sale: We will be launching the private sale of our governance token, $SPAK, via our SparkFi launchpad Initial DEX offering (IDO) soon.

*The launch of our V2 launchpad is another milestone which we intend to announce in the coming weeks. It will be launched after the conclusion of our private sale of the SparkFi tokens and the completion of the development of the V2 version of our launchpad.


This is our project update on the building and development process so far at the SparkFi.

We appreciate your interest and support towards the SparkFi project. We do not take for granted the community’s feedback and participation in making this project come to the limelight. We will appreciate your continued support in every ways and forms as we build an innovative launchpad for the crypto space.

For more information and updates, kindly follow our official channels below 👇

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SparkFi is a launchpad platform built on the Base blockchain, designed to support new blockchain projects in a decentralized manner.