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SparkFi Ambassador Campaign

It is our pleasure to announce the commencement of the SparkFi Ambassador campaign. The campaign is open to all interested members and the public. Participants are required to make necessary contributions that will be beneficial to the SparkFi project and community.

Interested in the campaign❓🤔

Please see below for more information 👇


To be eligible, intending participants MUST meet the following requirements:

1. Ambassadors must understand the general concept of crypto and blockchain technology.

2. Ambassador must have extensive understanding and knowledge of the SparkFi ecosystem.

3. The participant must be eager to get more involved with the SparkFi team and help the project grow.

4. Want access to the SparkFi team-building.

5. The participant must be interested in networking with other enthusiasts in the decentralized, SparkFi, crypto, and Blockchain community.

6. The participant should be excited & interested in accelerating the growth of the SparkFi project.

7. The participant must have at least one engaging social media account on any platform where they’ll host and discuss the SparkFi platform.

8. The participant will be willing to be an emergency contact for SparkFi.

9. The participant must be available to attend the Ambassadors onboarding interview.

10. The participant must perform weekly/Monthly assigned tasks.


1. Create content by writing blogs or contributing to code and tutorials.

2. Host meet-ups and present on behalf of SparkFi.

3. Represent your region in the community.

4. Get support for the initiatives that support the SparkFi’s mission.

5. Participate in regular update calls with other ambassadors.

6. Host podcasts or other social media-based events where you will be required to discuss SparkFi .


*Each selected candidate will earn the title of “SparkFi Ambassador”

*Receive SparkFi tokens at the end of the ambassador program.


Keep in mind that the SparkFi team maintains the right to remove or delete any comments or messages that are incorrect and detrimental to the SparkFi project in any way or manner.

SparkFi Ambassadors do not formally represent SparkFi, nor are they members of the SparkFi team, and must therefore act and interact as community members exclusively.

Please, also note that there will be an onboarding procedure that participants must go through in order to join the community ambassadors program. This is so that we can analyze each application and ensure that the only ambassadors we work with are not anonymous.

To get started with the Ambassador campaign, please use this link to complete the onboarding form👈


SparkFi is the first launchpad platform on the Base ecosystem and is designed to support new and emerging blockchain projects in a decentralized manner. On the part of the users, SparkFi aims to offer its users carefully vetted opportunities, thereby empowering retail investors in its fold with the chance to get in on the ground floor of potential and promising projects. On the part of emerging projects, SparkFi will provide a decentralized launchpad platform for new and innovative blockchain projects to be launched and achieve their full operational capacity.

You can learn more about SparkFi by joining our community. Links below 👇

Website | Telegram Group | Telegram ANN | Discord | Twitter | Medium


SparkFi is a launchpad platform built on the Base blockchain, designed to support new blockchain projects in a decentralized manner.